What does the certification mean?

  • a part of land or building intended for Industrial, office, mixed use.

  • a part of land or building larger than 1 acre in area.

  • a site with boundary survey with rental rate, phase 1 environmental assessment, zoning assessment, and approved use list.


The prerequisites for a property to qualify for the application process are:

1. A land (minimum 1 acre in area) or part of it intended for industrial, office or mixed-use development.

2. Ownership authorization or development agreement of the property under consideration. Ownership could mean privately/publicly/ owned by an organization or third party.

3. Land under the zone of industrial, office or mixed-use classification, that permits a varied range of land use in accordance with rules of Municipality and wish of the owner.

4. Applying site must present:

  • Boundary survey,
  • Rental rate,
  • Phase 1 Environmental Assessment Report,
  • Documents meeting zoning requirements of the site.

The 3 certification levels:

T>There are three certification levels as given below:

Level 1:

Completion of non-binding concept plan/Design Review and Ballot of advocacy by SNHPC allowing the application for submitting.

Level 2:

Site plan or Master plan approval from SNHPC

Level 3:

Certificate of Level 2, and a utility plan


If your site meets the prerequisites given above you are eligible for application. The application procedure implies submitting an application form given in the link download the application form. Further, email it to us at snhpc@snhpc.org.