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Planning Board Participation

To participate in the ReadySetGo! program, planning boards will need to complete the following steps:

Step One:
Review the ReadySetGo! website and program materials to see if the program is right for your community.  Review the town’s zoning ordinance and zoning map and determine what area(s) and zoning districts should be included.

Step Two:
Hold a public hearing to decide whether to participate in the program.

Step Three:
At the public hearing, amend the planning board’s site plan, subdivision, and/or land regulations to authorize and incorporate ReadySetGo! in the board’s regulations.  

Step Four:
Submit the public hearing minutes, amendments and updated regulation to Southern New Hampshire Planning Commission verifying participation.

Step Five:
Begin to advertise the program on the town’s website and distribute program materials and brochures to thec public and potential applicants through the planning board or planning department office.