The Process

There are three levels of certification: Level One, Level Two and Level Three.

Completion of a non-binding Concept Plan or a non-binding “Design Review” (per New Hampshire RSA 676:4 II a or II b) and a vote of endorsement by the planning board allowing the 
applicant to proceed with submittal
Site Plan or Master Plan approval (per New Hampshire RSA 674:43/44 and RSA 674:21) from the planning board
Level Two certification and a utility plan showing the availability and/or the provision of utilities to the site or building


A certified site is required to meet the following minimum standards and guidelines. There are three levels of certification which can be pursued.  Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3.

Minimum Certification Requirements

With municipal planning board’s endorsement, submit necessary site certification application forms and materials to Southern New Hampshire Planning Commission for formal approval.

All certified sites must:

  • Be greater than one acre in size
  • Be zoned for industrial, office, or mixed-use or other similar zoning as approved by planning board
  • Include: Boundary survey, asking price or rental rate, zoning verification and list of approved uses for the site as provided/approved by the planning board, and Phase I Environmental Assessment Report (Optional)

Optional:  The site can be “cleared” and excavated to make it “pad-ready” in accordance with local municipal approvals.