Applications for ReadySetGo! Certified Sites


In order to qualify for certified status, all sites must meet the following minimum requirements.

Minimum Standards of All Certified Sites:

  • A parcel intended for industrial, office or mixed-use development.
  • Privately or publicly owned, or owned by an economic development organization, developer or other third party. But, at a minimum there must be ownership authorization and/or contractual rights to develop and/or market the site.
  • Zoned industrial, office, mixed-use or some other similar zoning classification that allows for a range of permitted uses that reflect the target end uses of the site as desired by the property owner and as approved by the municipality.
  • All Certified Sites must have a:
    - boundary survey;
    - asking price or rental rate;
    - Phase I Environmental Assessment report – to be provided at the option of the property owner or planning board; and
    - Zoning Verification and List of Approved Uses for the site provided by the municipality in which the site is located.
  • Property owner/developer and the municipality must agree to complete and submit the application forms and materials to SNHPC for final site certification review and approval.
  • In accordance with local municipal approvals, a site can also be “cleared” and excavated to make it “pad ready” before it receives final certification through the SNHPC Site Certification program.


If your site meets the above requirements please download the application form and e-mail it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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