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The Town of Deerfield has a thriving business community consisting of more than 100 businesses, some of which have been operating successfully for decades. Deerfield is a flourishing community in western Rockingham Country that offers a home to all kinds of businesses from artisans, farmers, and landscaping companies to contractors, restaurants and professional services including real estate, legal services and financial planning, dentists and doctors. Local businesses serve both the Deerfield community and the Deerfield community supports them in kind. Because of the town’s proximity to Concord, Manchester and Portsmouth, Deerfield businesses benefit from being associated with several economic centers.

Deerfield has the benefit of being tucked in among major routes to its north and south: Routes 101 and 4; from there Interstates 93 and 95 connect Deerfield to the rest of New England. The town is built around a small town center with a corridor of business running along its major routes, Routes 107 and 43. It has a thriving artisan community, which hosts an annual tour. Deerfield is also home to the New Hampshire’s largest agricultural fair; each Fall, tens of thousands flock to the Town Fairgrounds. Quality of life is important to residents of Deerfield and it is a primary reason why local businesses have established themselves here. Affordable office space and a relaxed working environment are also benefits. Click to view the Deerfield Economic Assets Profile