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The Town of Londonderry is the 9th largest community in New Hampshire, with an estimated 2007 population of 24,590, a daytime population of 35,000, and a regional population (20-mile radius) of 700,413 which is projected to be over 800,000 by 2025. The Town is governed by a five member Town Council, an annual budgetary Town Meeting and a Town Manager that administers budgets and town policies.

Londonderry is located just 40 miles northwest of Boston and is adjacent to the City of Manchester, New Hampshire's largest City which reaches a metro area of nearly 5 million people. Two-thirds of the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport resides in Londonderry. The Manchester-Boston Regional Airport is one of the fastest growing commercial airports in the country. The area in Londonderry immediately around the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport is part of Londonderry's Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ). Businesses located within this zone enjoy duty free trade of the imports and exports.

Today, the Town boasts an economy that is a diverse combination of manufacturing, knowledge-based and other technology sectors, aeronautical and related services, as well as a strong retail presence.

Londonderry's competitive assets include:

  • A high quality of life, conductive to raising a family and with growing new amenities for young adults;
  • An overall tax structure with no broad-based personal income tax, no general sales tax and the second lowest State and local tax burden in the nation;
  • A high educational attainment level coupled with access to multiple colleges and technical schools within a short drive.
  • Two major highway systems within or close to Londonderry's town lines and a major airport, 2/3 of which resides in town.
  • Two major NHDOT projects, Exit 5 Upgrade and Airport Access road, will be completed within the next five years.

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