The Program is a unique online platform that gives you access to sites approved by Municipalities for future development in New Hampshire. To participate in the program it is necessary that the owner and Municipality both work willingly in agreement with each other for the development of the said property as per zoning classification. All the stakeholders viz. The owner, the developer and the Municipality work with each other to have a win-win situation on the fronts of law, finances, and development.

The program can be briefed as below:


Implies giving a check on the part of owner and municipality or both about said property fitting the requirements


Implies both the stakeholders to apply for certification for approval of land development


Implies the verification of application and certification


Implies marketing the certified site by our platform and allies.


Implies a legal agreement between the owner, the municipality, and the buyer.


Implies enforcing development on the site in accordance with the agreement.

Our website is a venture of Southern New Hampshire planning commission and Access Greater Manchester.